• Only social singles play is available at the moment, i.e. 2 players per court.
  • Casual play (public court hire or club members) for members of the same household or for 2 people from different households.
  • Coaching for members of the same household or one to one coaching
  • The Clubhouse remains closed at this time – Public toilets in Queens park can be utilised if required (take some antiseptic wipes with you to wipe down fixtures before and after use).
  • Drinking fountains and taps are not to be used
  • Record of attendance to be maintained, this will be achieved through use of a QR code that will be placed at the keypad gate at court 3.
  • Court bookings for personal casual singles play must be made through the  book a court system. There is no other way to access the courts.
  • All group tennis is prohibited.
  • The Compound will be locked down again.
  • It must be reiterated that players are playing at their own risk
  • No one from outside a lockdown area may play at a facility within the lockdown area – and vice versa.

This has been a bit of a blow to the return to tennis, as we know the members who had returned were enjoying their tennis exercise and socialisation, and the next steps to some normality around tennis at HTC were so close.

We entrust that our members will adhere to the guidelines in place, as we would prefer to continue to allow some tennis opportunity than none at all.

We will be monitoring the bookings and use of the courts for compliance.